C++ Windows Development with Eclipse, MinGW and wxWidgets

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I’ve recently gotten interested lately in “write once, run everywhere” apps for C++,  where we don’t have the luxury of a Java or similar virtual machine. The idea behind writing in C++ is to remove the dependency of my usual Java runtime environment, and instead use the wxWidgets project to build a C++ project which can be compiled for any architecture it supports (Windows/Linux/Mac). It may also offer performance benefits. In the following guide, I wanted the wxWidgets library statically compiled so that the compilation’s end result is one stand-alone executable which requires nothing else to run.wxwidgets

wxWidgets provides a large set of C++ libraries which will act as an intermediary between my code and operating system-specific calls, such as window handling, networking and disk access. Multi-platform support is then simply a matter of changing the wxWidgets library from one OS’s version to another.

Our ingredients:

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Quick Tips for Installing Forms 11g R2 – Shopping List of Technologies You Will Need

Oracle Developer Community

Sometimes wanting to install an Oracle Forms version seems like it should be a simple enough procedure.
1) Download the technology
2) Install it
3) Some basic configuration to personalize it to your system and Voila!

But with the newest version of Oracle Forms 11g R2 just to download the software it feels like you need a guidebook. The version of each component are VERY specific. AND … Do not try to be smart and choose the latest versions of the products! All versions must be the same one listed here below TRUST ME

For the Forms 11g R2 installation on 64 bit Windows 2008 R2 you will need:

1) Jdk 1.6 (should also come with Jre )
Windows x64 69.58 MB jdk-6u30-windows-x64.exe

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Install & Configure Oracle Weblogic Server 10.3.6 & Forms & Reports 11g on Windows8/Windows 2008 R2

Duh! Microsoft did it again

Hello guys, we just posted how to upgrade your existing  Forms & Reporots 32Bit  to Why don’t check it out here?

We are running a blog explaining many workaround solutions for installing and configuring discontinued, uncertified Oracle software on Windows 7 & Windows 8 from last year onward.

Let us accept it, Developer 6i applications face multiple issues while used on both Windows 7&8 like:

  1. Intermittent crashes
  2. Rendering menu modules
  3. Stability
  4. Running products like Reports and Graphs

Usually a legacy application compiled using patch sets below 18 are less prone to above mentioned issues, however an application completely developed using patch 18 regularly get into issues on Windows 7 & 8 where hacks are used.

Recently we were forced to look towards a better environment for a new application, which by certain reasons cannot be accommodated and hosted within Oracle Application entity, and we started dwelling the…

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Back to Basics: Statement vs. Prepared Statement

Venkat Sadasivam

“What is the difference between Statement and Prepared Statement?” this is one of my favorite interview question. Most of the interviewee will say “Statement is not precompiled, prepared statements are precompiled, hence prepared statement will faster than statement”. My next question would be “What do you mean precompile”, the answer will be “the SQL gets compiled and reused”. My last question would be “In which layer the statement gets compiled? (like DB, JDBC, Java Apps.)”, most of them will answer JDBC. Since the answers are abstract, it could be interpreted in either way. Though the prepared statement concept are there for while very few provides in-depth answer. I did googling, the answers are scattered in various sites let me consolidate and give you a comprehensive view.

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10 Best Eclipse Shortcuts

MCU on Eclipse

Yes, eclipse is a very visual and GUI oriented IDE. But this does not mean that everything is mouse oriented. While programming I have my hands on the keyboard. So I want to do as much as possible with shortcuts and the keyboard. The good news is that eclipse comes with a great set of helpers built-in. Here is my list of my favorite hotkeys and shortcuts…

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As we metioned in class a servlet is a Java class used to extend the  capabilities of servers that host applications accessed by request-respose programmig model  and they are commonly used for adding  dynamic content to a Web server using the Java platform. To deploy and run a Servlet, we must use a Web container. A Web  container is essentially the component of a Web server that interacts with the servlets. The  Web container is responsible for managing the lifecycle of servlets, mapping a URL to a particular servlet and  ensuring that the URL requester has the correct access rights. And Apache Tomcat is an open source servlet container. So to deploy and use a servlet we have to install Java SE Development  Kit (JDK not JRE). We have to add a new environmet variable. For Windows 7 we click  Start>Control Panel>System and Security>System. After that we click Change Settigs>Advanced>Evironment Variables…

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This is how java works

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Java Tips Weblog

Swing components allow you to change the background color of a component simply by using the setBackground() method. It is also possible to use a Color created with an “alpha” value. The alpha value defines the transparency of a Color. Unfortunately, once you start using alpha values in your background color you may encounter some undesireable painting artifacts.

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Mohib Alvi

If Shutdown normal or shutdown immediate hangs and you try to connect as sys, it would get you connected either as idle instance or simply connected which is in reality a fake connection. In a particular scenario, I changed ORACLE_HOME from EM and then issued simple “SHUTDOWN” command which took a long time to complete. I tried to issue “shutdown immediate” and “shutdown abort” commands and found following errors.

In this scenario it did “connect / as sysdba”, but in actually failed to connect. Then, when I
tried to shutdown abort, you got ORA-1031 cause you weren’t actually connected.
It’s interesting to note that if you connect as sysdba, and the connection is successful, you see something like:”Connected to:Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit
Production With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options”If you fail to connect, cause process table is full, you’ll  get: “Connected.”
So, “Connected.”…

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Let me share my feeling about Ashura


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